Appeal of Medical Certificate Denials

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Barnett Law Offices has experience with the appeal of medical certificate denials. Within 60 days after a final FAA denial of an unrestricted airman medical certificate, an airman may petition the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) for a review of that denial. A petition for review must be submitted in writing to the NTSB.

The NTSB is an independent agency of the Federal Government that has the authority to review on appeal the suspension, amendment, modification, revocation, or denial of any certificate or license issued by the FAA Administrator.

An Administrative Law Judge for the NTSB may hold a formal hearing at which the FAA will present documentary evidence and testimony by medical specialists supporting the denial decision. The petitioner will also be given an opportunity to present evidence and testimony at the hearing. The Administrative Law Judge’s decision is subject to review by the full NTSB.

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