Federal Laws Related to Vehicular DUI and a Pilot’s Reporting Requirements after a DUI Arrest

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Section 61.15(e) of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s) dictates that a DUI / DWI or alcohol related driving offense must be reported “not later than 60 days after the motor vehicle action.” The motor vehicle action includes each alcohol related event including any administrative action (driver license suspension, revocation, or cancellation) or any conviction. Each incident requires the pilot file a separate “Notification Letter.”

The action that must be reported includes the administrative suspension of your driver’s license. The pilot must report such action to the FAA, Civil Action Security Division in Oklahoma City.

Section 61.15(f) provides that the
“[f]ailure to comply with paragraph (e) of this section is grounds for . . .(2) Suspension or revocation of any certificate, rating, or authorization issued under this part.”

After a DUI / DWI or any other drug or alcohol-related driving arrest, a pilot is required to report the fact of the arrest (regardless of whether a conviction occurs) on the pilot’s next medical certificate application (FAA Form 8500). Failure to timely report the arrest will result in an Emergency Order of Revocation once the FAA learns of the event.