Alcohol related driving offenses and Airman Medical Certificate Applications

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An alcohol related driving offense MUST be reported on the FAA 8500 Application for Airman or Student Airman’s Certificate. Unlike the 60 day report, the disclosure on the FAA 8500 Application requires more information and supplemental documentation including an explanation of the circumstances surrounding the offense and pertinent police reports and court records. The FAA Security Division will check and verify the information that the airman gives against State and National Driver’s Registries.

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Barnett Law Offices can provide pre-submission consultation with the pilot that includes a discussion of the proper and accepted reporting requirements. We make sure that the airman provides all of the pertinent information to avoid the strict consequences (that can include suspension or revocation of a medical certificate, fines, and criminal prosecution). that stem from incorrect or false statements in support of an application for a medical certificate.

Don’t Get A DUI, But If You Do – The FAA Is Here To Help