Early investigation and proper handling of the DUI/DWI is the key to a good outcome

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Is a DUI/DWI accusation threatening your pilot’s license?Being accused of an alcohol related driving offense is a very traumatic and embarrassing experience. The FAA rules and policies that relate to airman who receive or are accused of these offenses are very strict. While it is very important that you find an experienced attorney to handle the traffic offense to get your driving privileges back, it is equally important to hire an attorney who is experienced in handling the FAA action that will most certainly come after the State driver’s license proceedings.
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We have found that our clients are placed in the best position for successful FAA defense when they involve us early in the process. We handle FAA DUI certificate actions all the time. We work closely with DUI attorneys to make sure that the proper steps are taken so that the defense of the FAA’s certificate action is not compromised. The sooner we can become involved in your case the better. We know how the FAA handles DUI based certificate actions. We set up an early strategic and tactical plan, gather and review all pertinent documents, employ experts where necessary, and make sure that the airman gets the appropriate counseling and evaluation in anticipation of the FAA action.