The Medical Certification Process

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As a pilot who flies for fun or for a livelihood, the FAA Medical Certificate is as important as the license itself. But unlike a license, a pilot can’t ‘train’ for a medical examination. A pilot can however, have Barnett Law Offices, act as your advocate before any serious consequences occur.A concern for many pilots, particularly those whose livelihood depends upon aviation, is that they may not be able to qualify for an FAA Medical Certificate or they may lose their FAA Medical Certificate due to a new diagnosis, new prescription medication, a recent visit to a new or different medical health professional or a change in criminal history.  For these individuals, the FAA Medical Application process has the potential for serious consequences if not done properly and carefully.
The Airman Medical Standards and Certification Procedures contain medical and legal language that in some places is clear and concise and in others general, vague and confusing. The attorneys at Barnett Law Offices know how to decipher this language and these standards and procedures and further, how they affect an airman’s opportunity to secure and retain their medical certificates.Through each step of the process we can provide sound legal advice to help navigate through and minimize or eliminate the potential pitfalls that await the unsuspecting pilot who is seeking to gain or maintain an FAA medical certificate.