Airman Medical Certificate Applications

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All applicants for an Airman Medical Certificate are required to complete the FAA Form 8500 – Application for Airman or Student Airman’s Certificate by using the MedXpress online application before they go for an examination at the Airman Medical Examiner’s (AME‘s)  office.  The application requires the pilot to disclose prior and new medical conditions, medications, visits to healthcare professionals and criminal history. The application process relies on an applicant’s honesty in self-disclosing his or her medical history, especially any information about possible disqualifying medical conditions.

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Aviation lawyers at Barnett Law Offices can provide confidential pre-submission consultation with the pilot that includes a discussion of potential problems associated with new medical issues that concern a pilot. In addition, our firm conducts thorough reviews of pilot medical records, criminal records (if necessary), reviews current NTSB administrative law, and provides the pilot expert advice on how to appropriately disclose medical and criminal history to the FAA or the necessity for more extensive medical evaluation.  We perform the necessary research for pilots BEFORE they make disclosures to the FAA on the application to make sure the disclosures accurately reflect the true status of the pilot.