Aviation Medical Examiner Evaluation

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Aviation Medical Examiners (AME’s) are physicians who are designated and trained by the FAA to perform flight physicals and screen individuals for fitness to perform aviation duties.  The AME’s assessment to identify symptoms or medical conditions requiring further review is highly dependent on the medical history the applicant provides.  The AME will review the pilot’s Medical Application, examine and interview the pilot and arrive at a decision to either issue the pilot a medical certificate or defer issuance of the medical certificate to the FAA.
The AME that the pilot chooses can be very important since the AME may be the pilot’s best advisor who may help minimize or avoid loss of flying status because of health issues. The pilot needs an advocate engaged to support the pilot’s application packet.  Barnett Law Offices will advise the pilot and can provide the pilot with the contact information of specific AME’s that have the appropriate expertise to evaluate and report on sensitive medical issues that affect the pilot.  Barnett & Borth monitors and works closely both the pilot’s personal physician and with the AME to optimize the pilot’s opportunity to obtain an FAA medical certificate consistent with the FAA’s concerns for flight safety.