Medical Certificate Deferral

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If the AME decides that a questionable medical condition exists, the AME can defer the application and medical certificate to the Regional Flight Surgeon (RFS) or the Aeromedical Certification Division (AMCD) in Oklahoma City.  The FAA may then request additional testing, evaluation and medical documents from the pilot. This process may take an extended period of time; meanwhile the pilot remains grounded.  Submission of complete and accurate medical information to the FAA is critical to timely certification decisions in these situations.


Barnett Law Offices coordinates efforts with the pilot, the pilot’s personal physicians and the AME to provide the appropriate information and, where necessary, secure additional evaluations in order to explain and clarify the pilot’s medical issues for the FAA. Our attorneys also closely monitor the progress of the FAA’s decision making process. The FAA will either issue the pilot a medical certificate or deny the pilot’s medical application based on these submissions.