If a pilot doesn’t report the DUI to the FAA, how would the FAA find out?

August 3, 2017

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At the bottom of the medical application, there’s a release that says, “I hereby authorize the national driver registry to the designated state department of motor vehicles to furnish to FAA information pertaining to my driving record. This consent does not subdue authorization for a single access to the information contained in the NDR, to verify information provided in this application. Upon my request, the FAA shall make the information received from NDR, if any available, for my review and written comment.” (23USC4o).

For every medical application submitted, there is a team of investigators at the FAA that will verify that the information that you’ve reported is true.

As difficult as it is for a pilot to comply with the medical requirements after reporting a DUI, the penalty for not reporting a DUI is typically an emergency revocation, not just for your medical certificate, but for all your airline certificates as well, up to and including your ATP and your type ratings. It’s a very harsh penalty for withholding information from the FAA.

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