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Our Aviation Law Practice

A pilot’s authorization to fly is his or her way of life, and this privilege is never more appreciated than when it is threatened, or taken away entirely.

As any professional aviator knows, pilot licenses are far more sensitive to scrutiny and revocation than licenses of other comparable occupations. We know this because protecting the licenses and careers of pilots, air traffic controllers and other airline workers is our business.

If you’re dealing with any aviation legal issues ranging from license reinstatement to DUI defense, Barnett Law Offices has the experience to successfully help our clients get back into the air. We know the complex inner workings of the FAA, and are just as determined and relentless in your defense as the FAA can be in their revocation or enforcement actions.

If your legal matter involves your career as a pilot in any way, we can likely help you. Our aviation practice areas include, but are not limited to:

  • FAA Enforcement Action Defense
  • FAA DUI Defense
  • Aircraft Accident Defense
  • Air Traffic Controller Defense
  • Aircraft Purchase and Sales Agreements, and related disputes
  • Aircraft Insurance Issues and Litigation
  • FAA Emergency Orders of Revocation
  • NTSB Appeal Litigation
  • FAA Notice of Proposed Certificate Action (Suspension or Revocation)
  • FAA Airman Medical Certificate Action Defense
  • FAA Fitness for Flight Defense
  • Civil Aerospace Medical Institute Requests for Information Assistance

Don’t risk your license and your career in the hands of a general practice law firm, or one in which aviation is only a small part of their practice. Only a dedicated aviation attorney knows the particular subtleties of the industry and the FAA. We will begin at the FAA inspector level and continue through the ALJ appeal process, including an appeal to the full NTSB Board as well as the US Court of Appeals.

From legal fight to legal flight, nobody can get you there as effectively as Barnett Law Offices. Email us or call (815) 356-8647 for a free, no-risk consultation.