Unlocking PRIA: Expert Consultations with Barnett Law Offices

Unlocking PRIA: Expert Consultations with Barnett Law Offices

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Jackson Barnett

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Imagine the FAA as a meticulous librarian, diligently cataloging every detail of your aviation career. Central to this process is the Pilot Records Improvement Act (PRIA), a cornerstone legislation ensuring the thorough vetting of pilots by air carriers before extending offers of employment. But what does this mean for you as a pilot, and how can Barnett Law Offices assist in navigating the intricate web of FAA enforcement actions?

PRIA mandates that air carriers conduct comprehensive background checks of pilots, ensuring that only the most qualified individuals take to the skies. This rigorous scrutiny is essential for safeguarding passenger safety and upholding industry integrity. Read our article on Understanding PRIA, where we cover PRIA basics or visit our page on PRIA Consultations.

Your PRIA file serves as a digital fingerprint, encompassing records from various sources, including the FAA, previous employers, and even the National Driving Registry. While it primarily contains routine details like certificates and medicals, it also houses potentially career-altering information, notably the Enforcement Information Subsystem (EIS). This repository of enforcement actions is readily accessible to prospective employers, underscoring the importance of maintaining an unblemished PRIA record.

Pilots cannot make entries into the Pilot Records Database (PRD). Instead, PRIA serves as the governing legislation, with the PRD acting as the tool for compiling and accessing employment records. Entries into the PRD are made by the FAA and employers, making it imperative for pilots to regularly review their PRD for accuracy. Any errors or inaccuracies could adversely impact future job applications, potentially leading to lost employment opportunities. At Barnett Law Offices, we stand ready to assist pilots in correcting errors in their PRD and even litigating on their behalf for lost opportunities due to false or inaccurate information entered into the PRD by employers.

In the face of FAA enforcement actions and the complexities of PRIA, pilots may find themselves adrift in turbulent legal waters. Barnett Law Offices offers expert guidance and support, charting a course towards resolution and peace of mind. Contact us today to navigate through the intricacies of PRIA and safeguard your aviation career. Your journey to legal clarity starts here.