Our aviation attorneys’ mission at Barnett Law Offices is to deliver effective and professional representation of clients and their issues relating to the FAA laws and regulations, medical and pilot certification, and victims of aviation related accidents.

Aviation Experience Counts

Our firm was founded by an Air Force veteran, and is comprised of experienced aviation attorneys who are also ATP, Commercial, CFI, and Private licensed pilots with over 70 years of combined flight experience and tens of thousands of hours logged.

Only a dedicated aviation attorney knows the particular subtleties of the industry and the FAA, because we go through the same licensing, testing, and training requirements you do. Not only are we experienced pilots, our firm concentrates our practice of law in the aviation field. We interact with FAA lawyers, FAA inspectors, NTSB, AMEs, and HIMS trained professionals on a daily basis. We represent our clients’ interests throughout the FAA’s processes for Enforcement Actions, Emergency Orders, Medical Certification, Appeals to the NTSB Board, and Aviation related injury or accidents.

We personally understand how important your ability to fly is to your profession, or your enjoyment.

Questions to Ask Your Aviation Attorney

Questions to ask when choosing an aviation attorney:
1. Do you have experience and success with issues like mine?
2. What can I expect going forward?
3. What is included with my representation?

If you’re dealing with a medical certification problem, enforcement action or investigation, or civil penalty, Barnett Law Offices has the experience and resources to successfully help our clients get back into the air.

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We Aren’t Just Aviation Lawyers.
We’re Pilots Who Practice Law.

We know firsthand the importance of your ability to fly, whether it’s your profession or your passion. When you choose Barnett Law Offices, you’re choosing a team that goes the extra mile to help you overcome obstacles and soar to new heights.