FAA Medical Certification

FAA Medical Certification

The privilege of piloting an aircraft is subject to the rigorous standards of the FAA’s Aviation Medical Certification Division. When an airman’s FAA Medical Certification it is threatened, or taken away entirely, the years and dollars spent obtaining those licenses are at risk. 

If you are a first time applicant for a medical certificate and you have questions or concerns, the process can be intimidating and fearful if you are not sure how to correctly complete the medical application (MedXpress or 8500 Form). 

As any aviator knows, pilot licenses are far more sensitive to scrutiny and revocation than licenses of other comparable occupations. We know this because protecting the licenses and careers of pilots, air traffic controllers, mechanics, and operators is our business. 

If your matter involves your career in aviation or hobby as a pilot, mechanic, air traffic controller, or operator in any way, we can likely help you. 

Our FAA Medical Certification practice areas include, but are not limited to: 

Questions to Ask Your Aviation Attorney

Questions to ask when choosing an aviation attorney:

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If you’re dealing with a medical certification problem, Barnett Law Offices has the experience and resources to successfully help our clients get back into the air.

Don’t risk your license and your career in the hands of a general practice law firm, or one in which aviation is only a small part of their practice. Only a dedicated aviation attorney knows the particular subtleties of the industry and the FAA. We will begin at the FAA inspector level and continue through the NTSB Administrative Law Judge appeal process, including an appeal to the full NTSB Board as well as the US Court of Appeals.

From legal fight to legal flight, nobody can get you there as effectively as Barnett Law Offices.

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