Aviation Employment

Aviation Employment

A career in aviation is both exciting and full of income potential.

Depending on your employer, pilots may have a range of resources from expansive to non-existent available to them when an issue arises.

Larger airlines have unions with programs for medical certification issues, contract negotiations, and representation.

Smaller airlines typically do not have such resources to help their employees.

If you are an airman and need to discuss your situation with someone who will advocate for you and your career, contact us for a consultation with Attorney Jackson Barnett.

Barnett Law Offices sees issues in aviation employment related to:

  • A pilot leaving a carrier, only to be issued an invoice for ‘training hours’, when the pilot leaves prior to their contracted date.
  • A pilot is terminated for a whistle blower of safety related concern
  • Failing a Department of Transportation drug test is a common occurrence where a pilot needs an advocate who is looking out for their interests
  • An error or dispute in the Pilot Records Database (formerly PRIA)

If you are a pilot and have concerns about your medical certification, terms of your employment contract, contact the experienced aviation attorneys at Barnett Law Offices, who can help you understand your legal rights and options.

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