Pilot Certificate Actions

Pilot Certificate Actions

Emergency Order Of Revocation – Emergency Order Of Suspension - Letter Of Investigation – Notice Of Proposed Certificate Action

Pilot Certificate Actions letters include the following types of letters from the FAA: Notice Of Proposed Certificate ActionLetter of Investigation; or FAA Emergency Order of Suspension or Revocation

Receiving a letter from the FAA regarding pilot certificate actions can threaten your livelihood or your investment in the years obtaining your pilot certification.

Barnett Law Offices act quickly to protect the rights of the certificate holder. Shortened time limits may apply and require prompt professional responses for any pilot certificate actions.

Barnett Law Offices provide pilots, operators, and mechanics with representation from the earliest stages of pilot certificate actions, and throughout the entire appeal process.  This includes representation in communications with the FAA inspectors, FAA Technicians, Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) representatives, FAA Attorneys; the Informal Conference; the Appeal process; a hearing before an NTSB Administrative Law Judge; an Appeal to the NTSB Full Board; and appeal to a U.S. District Court.

Why Did I Receive A Letter From The FAA?

The FAA Enforcement Division initiates legal enforcement actions to address noncompliance by regulated entities and persons including pilot certificate actions (FAA Emergency Order), civil penalty actions, and informal procedures and settlements. In many cases, a FAA enforcement action stems from a piloting issue which may involve a complex technical or airmanship situation.

Examples of situations that may prompt pilot certificate actions:

  • The FAA discovers medical information that was not reported on your application
  • The FAA discovers you have not reported a DUI
  • An anonymous call to the FAA Hotline alleging wrongdoing or threat
  • Violation of Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Failed Drug Test

FAA Medical Certificate Revocation

An Airman Medical Certificate revocation may be initiated under many circumstances. The US Code of Federal Regulations Section 67.403(c)(1) provides for revocation or suspension of a medical certificate if you entered an incorrect statement on an application for a medical certificate, upon which the FAA relied. The Regulation states:

(c) The following may serve as a basis for suspending or revoking a medical certificate; withdrawing an Authorization or SODA; or denying an application for a medical certificate or request for an authorization or SODA:
(1) An incorrect statement, upon which the FAA relied, made in support of an application for a medical certificate or request for an Authorization or SODA.
(2) An incorrect entry, upon which the FAA relied, made in any logbook, record, or report that is kept, made, or used to show compliance with any requirement for a medical certificate or an Authorization or SODA.

Even if it is determined that the pilot did not intentionally give a false answer to Item 18 on the application for a medical certificate, the FAA can and often does pursue an enforcement action against the airman.

A FAA Medical Certificate Revocation is a serious matter that can jeopardize your career, livelihood, or years and dollars spent obtaining your pilot license. Don’t wait to discuss your matter with an aviation attorney. As soon as you suspect a potential intended or unintended falsification on your medical application, contact Barnett Law Offices for a consultation with one of our pilot lawyers.

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Because each attorney at Barnett Law Offices is also a pilot, we have the precise technical knowledge to understand and advocate effectively for each of our clients. All of our lawyers operate regularly in the national aerospace system, complete FAA medical applications, and maintain certification standards through check rides and biannual flight reviews.

Our firm focuses exclusively on aviation law and we have the extensive experience and in-depth knowledge to assist with your FAA issue.

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