FAA Emergency Order Of Revocation

FAA Emergency Order Of Revocation

Important decisions need to be made immediately upon receipt of a FAA Emergency Order of Revocation or Suspension. A mechanic or pilot’s career, or operator’s business may be in jeopardy. Emergency Orders are full of accusations and legal terminology, they demand the surrender of licenses and/or certificates, and serious financial and legal consequences if not replied to in a timely manner.

The attorneys at Barnett Law Offices act quickly to protect the rights of the certificate holder. Shortened time limits apply and require prompt professional responses. Our attorneys will determine the nature of the emergency, work with you to prepare a response for your situation, and develop a plan to counsel you through the legal process.

Barnett Law Offices is comprised of aviation attorneys who are also experienced pilots. Our Firm provides nationwide legal help for airmen, operators, and mechanics. As aviation attorneys who are also pilots, we know that the airline industry and the law surrounding it create a lot of complicated legal issues.

Don’t risk your license and your career in the hands of a general practice law firm, or one in which aviation is only a small part of their practice. Only a dedicated aviation attorney knows the particular subtleties of the industry and the FAA. We will begin at the FAA inspector level and continue through the NTSB Administrative Law Judge appeal process, including an appeal to the full NTSB Board as well as the US Court of Appeals.

From legal fight to legal flight, nobody can get you there as effectively as Barnett Law Offices. So if you’ve received an FAA Emergency Order of Revocation or Suspension, contact us to schedule a confidential consultation with an aviation attorney on your matter. Call 800-578-5512 or complete the contact form and your message will be sent directly to a pilot lawyer with the firm.

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