FAA Letter Of Investigation

FAA Letter Of Investigation

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Have you received a FAA Letter of Investigation?

A Letter of Investigation from the FAA is sent when the FAA has cause to suspect a violation of Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), or a hot line call has been made.

Examples of violations of FAR can include:

  • failure to report a DUI on your medical application
  • part 135 operations
  • disqualifying medical condition
  • disqualifying medication use
  • restricted airspace violation

Another common cause of a letter of investigation is an anonymous hot line call to the FAA. The FAA will investigate all hot line calls, regardless if they are baseless and malicious.  Examples of a Hot Line calls include:

  • Pilot drug or alcohol use
  • Pilot has unreported medical treatment or condition(s)
  • Pilot has unreported mental health treatment or condition(s)

Typically, the letter has a response deadline which should not be ignored.

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Why hire an Aviation Attorney?

Because each lawyer at Barnett Law Offices is also a pilot, we have the precise technical knowledge to understand and advocate effectively for each of our clients. All of our lawyers are licensed pilots. Our firm concentrates solely in aviation law and we have the expertise and experience to assist with your FAA issue.