Alleged Falsification Of Medical Applications

Alleged Falsification Of Medical Applications

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Barnett Law Offices has experience with alleged falsification of aviation medical applications. National FAA pilot defense attorney, Charles Barnett has secured a victory for one of his general aviation pilot clients accused of intentionally falsifying his Form 8500 application for a medical certificate.

The case involved a pilot who had a DUI in the 1980’s for which he had been answering question 18v (concerning arrests, suspensions, etc. involving alcohol related driving offenses) as “previously reported” for the past 25 years. The pilot was stopped for DUI a few months before he filled out his most recent FAA Medical Application. Believing that he had not been “arrested” for the recent DUI, the pilot answered question 18v as “previously reported”.

The FAA issued an Emergency Revocation Order revoking the pilot’s Airman and Medical Certificates. At the emergency hearing Barnett convinced the Administrative Law Judge that the pilot did not intentionally falsify the answers on his Medical Application.

The Judge ruled in the pilot’s favor and reversed the FAA’s Emergency Revocation Order and ordered that the pilot’s certificates be returned to the pilot.

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