Legal Consultation Fee

Legal Consultation Fee

Why Does Barnett Law Offices, LLC Charge A Legal Consultation Fee?

Barnett Law Offices, LLC charges a $300 fee for a legal consultation up to 30 minutes with our aviation attorney. The volume of daily new client consultation requests does not allow us to provide a free legal consultation for every potential new client. It does, however, allow us to deliver several key advantages.

Your consultation will be with an aviation attorney, who is also a licensed pilot.

Our legal consultations are conducted by a licensed aviation attorney, who is also a licensed and certified pilot. The attorney will review your situation and answer questions. This is an opportunity for both attorney and potential client to determine whether or not the potential client can benefit from the firm’s services.

Understanding Your Situation and Options Has Value

The purpose of your legal consultation with any aviation lawyer should be to gain knowledge about your situation and obtain insight about the strategies available for potential resolution.

The very fact that you want to consult with an aviation lawyer means that you have determined that your questions require experience and interpretation beyond your level of expertise.

Some Potential Clients Just Want The Answer To A Few ‘Quick Questions'.....

Others May Be Weighing The Impact Of Their Situation On Their Aviation Career.

We believe that initial legal consultations should function solely for the benefit of the prospective client. As such, we provide them with insight and knowledge about aviation law, potential outcomes, risks and costs associated with their issue.

During our legal consultation, we will listen to you, review related documents and understand your desired outcome. At the conclusion of the legal consultation, we will provide initial legal advice and make recommendations with the full understanding that not all issues require an aviation lawyer – and the cost associated with hiring an aviation attorney may not be the best solution for you.

We dedicate time for your call.

Because prospective clients schedule their legal consultations with us in advance, we are able to set aside time to prepare for and conduct these initial calls.

We conduct one legal consultation at a time. This affords the prospective client the opportunity to ask questions and gain knowledge.

By charging a legal consultation fee, we are minimizing the financial impact of expending attorney time considering a prospective client’s case. And there is no guarantee that an attorney-client relationship will ever materialize.

We are serious about understanding your issues and unhurried in discussing it.

We are pilots who are also aviation lawyers with a passion for the cases we undertake. Barnett Law Offices, LLC has serious clients with serious outcomes for their investment in their aviation licenses and certificates.

The bottom line is that we deliver value for our clients. However, our clients also understand that practicing law is how we make our living and support our families. As Abraham Lincoln said – “a lawyer’s time and advice is his stock in trade.”

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