Toxic Airplane Air

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Barnett Law Offices, represent clients including passengers, flight attendants, and pilots who have suffered the ill effects from breathing contaminated bleed air in commercial airplanes.

Contaminated bleed air situations are also known as “fume events.” The air that one breathes during a commercial flight (or bleed air) is supplied from the airplanes engines. ‘Bleed air’ is used for breathing air on every pressurized aircraft.

Sometimes this bleed air becomes contaminated when the toxic byproducts of superheated engine oil or hydraulic fluid is leaking within the airplane’s bleed air system. When this contaminated bleed air enters the cockpit or cabin of the airplane people describe the air as smelling like “dirty socks”, “bad cheese” or a “gym locker room.” Sometimes the contaminated bleed air does not smell at all.

Common symptoms of contaminated bleed air include: trouble breathing, asthma, tremors, numbness and tingling in the extremities, memory loss, migraine headaches, speech difficulties vision problems and other symptoms associated with neurological damage including death.

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