Military Pilots Transition to Civilian – Disclosing VA Benefits to the FAA

Military Pilots Transition to Civilian – Disclosing VA Benefits to the FAA

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As military pilots transition to civilian life, and wish to continue to fly professionally or personally, they have to go through the FAA’s medical application process and need to be aware of disclosing VA benefits to the FAA.

We have helped Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard military pilots with their transition to a civilian flying career. If a pilot has an issue in their past, such as a DUI conviction or arrest, or a medical or mental health condition which may not have been an issue in the service, it may be an issue with the FAA medical certification division.

If you are receiving, or plan to receive, VA compensation for PTSD or other mental health or medical condition, Barnett Law Offices can review and advise how disclosing VA benefits to the FAA that may affect your medical application process.

In June 2023, the FAA published a blog post regarding an audit of VA records for airmen who may have not disclosed certain VA benefits related to their health, on their FAA medical application.

We help both current and transitioning military pilots correctly disclose information to the FAA, and provide assistance through application process, which ultimately helps them make a smooth transition to an aviation career. The FAA application process can begin while the airman is actively serving, and we can take advantage of an early start.

Contact us today to speak with an aviation attorney about your transition, and thank you for your service!

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