FAA Notice Of Proposed Certificate Action

FAA Notice Of Proposed Certificate Action

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Have you received a FAA Notice of Proposed Certificate Action (NOPCA) letter?

Receiving a Notice of Proposed Certificate Action (NOPCA) letter is often times the first step the FAA will take in the legal enforcement action process. The FAA will send a NOPCA when they have reason to believe there has been a violation of the Federal Aviation Administration regulations. The letter will include a list of the alleged violations the FAA has compiled. Typically, the NOPCA letter has a response deadline and options, which should not be ignored. If the letter is not responded to, the FAA can issue an Order of Revocation or Suspension (Emergency or non-Emergency) of the airman’s certificates and licenses.

Why hire an Aviation Attorney?

You want an experienced aviation attorney who is familiar with Federal Aviation Regulations and will act swiftly on your behalf. The attorney will reply to the NOPCA in a timely manner, communicate with the FAA inspector/investigator, request the FAA’s investigative report, consult with you on your situation and options to protect your rights and certificates.

Because each lawyer at Barnett Law Offices is also a pilot, we have the precise technical knowledge to understand and advocate effectively for each of our clients. All of our pilot lawyers operate regularly in the national aerospace system, complete FAA medical applications, and maintain certification standards through check rides and biannual flight reviews. Our firm concentrates solely in aviation law and we have the expertise and experience to assist with your FAA issue.

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